Legislative Committee


The Bay Area Black Nurses Association, Inc. studies, educates and promotes policy and legislation necessary for the very survival of African Americans in these United States as per mandates of the Bay Area Black Nurses Association, Inc. By-Laws, ARTICLE II; OBJECTIVES.

The Bay Area Black Nurses’ Association’s Legislative Committee, formed in 2021, monitors on-going government operations, such as, laws, health policies and practices that are important for our profession, our personal health, and our community.

Our goals include:

1.) Involvement in reviewing local, state, and national issues/legislation and public policies related to nursing safety and public health.

2.) Studying, educating, and disseminating information about public policies and legislation necessary for the well-being and survival of African Americans locally, statewide, and nationally.

3.) Hence, our Bay Area Black Nurses Association Legislative Committee monitors ongoing government operations, identify issues for suitable legislative review and evaluation, and informs our members of possible courses of action.

4.) Networking with other associations concerned with promoting health issues for the Black communities. These groups include: National Nurses United/California Nurses Association, Black Women’s Business and Professional Association, The Poor Peoples Campaign, The Sinkler Miller Medical Association, The Umoja Medical Association, The Physicians for National Health Policies, and other community groups and organizations.

We are PROUD to be the first chapter to be given the MANDATE from our National Black Nurses Association President, Dr. Martha Dawson, to promote and disseminate information on the Single Payer/Medicare for All movement! Our chapter overwhelmingly endorsed the Single Payer Movement over two years ago!!!


* Make nursing responsive to the health needs and demands of the consumer.
* Recruit African-Americans into schools of nursing and encourage advancement into leadership roles.